[Event] Light of Honor BACK! Let’s change S+ Ability

[Event] Light of Honor BACK! Let’s change S+ Ability!!
Feb 12, 2016

S Light of Honor
Ability :No ability (Only use for S+ Recombination to get fixed S+ Special Ability!!)
Fixed S+ Special Ability
- Get 42% refund of construction fee when landing your city
- Chance 35% go world travel when get dice double 3 times in a roll
- Increase rate of dice double 24%
- When opponent comes to you, you will get opponent's marble 14%
- When faced with opponent, taking 15% of opponent’s marble
- 70% rate chance of getting travel invitation at first Fortune Card
- When arrive at my city ,Chance 25% of increasing toll fee x2

Find from : Super Big Chance Ticket in Sealed Stones Shop or Buy them directly in Sealed Stones NOW!

Upgrade Pendant & Buy Diamonds for Special Bonus!!

Upgrade Any S Pendant to Max Level in this event period! Get these Rewards!!

Rewards : S Transcendent Light

Special Event! : Buy Diamond promotion (88/220/440/880 Diamonds) in this event period, Chance to get S+ Awaken Nana’s Teddy Bear & S Light of Honor FREE (200 Lucky Users only!!)

Period : 12 Feb 15:00 - 16 Feb 15:00

[Event] Light of Honor KEMBALI LAGI! Ayo, Ubah Kemampuan S+!
2016 Feb 12

S Light of Honor

Kemampuan: Tidak ada (Hanya digunakan untuk kombinasi ulang S+ untuk dapatkan kemampuan spesial S+ yang permanen!)

Kemampuan Spesial S+ yang Permanen
- Dapatkan uang pembangunan kembali sebanyak 42% saat mendarat di kotamu
- Kesempatan sebanyak 35% pergi keliling dunia saat mendapatkan dadu ganda 3x berturut-turut
- Tingkatkan kesempatan dapatkan dadu ganda sebanyak 24%
- Rebut Marble lawan sebanyak 14%, saat lawan menghampirimu
- Rebut Marble lawan sebanyak 15%, saat berhadapan dengan lawan
- Kesempatan sebanyak 70% mendapatkan undangan travel saat mengambil Fortune Card pertama
- Kesempatan sebanyak 25% tingkatkan biaya toll 2x lipat saat mendarat di kotamu

Temukan dari: Super Big Chance Ticket di Sealed Stone Shop atau beli langsung di Sealed Stones SEKARANG!

Upgrade Pendant & Beli Diamond untuk Raih Bonus Spesial!

Upgrade S Pendant apa saja di periode event ini! Dapatkan hadiah berikut!

Hadiah: S Transcendent Light

Event Spesial: Beli Promo Diamond (88/220/440/880 Diamond) selama periode event ini, Kesempatan raih S+ Awaken Nana’s Teddy Bear & S Light of Honor GRATIS

(Hanya untuk 200 pemenang beruntung!)

Periode: 12 Feb 15:00 - 16 Feb 15:00
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