[Release] NEW! Get LUCK with LUCKY CAT CUBE !!

This lucky cat will bring the most wanted items to you in this season!

Lucky Cat Cube : Consist of Lv.1 ~ Lv.5 and spend 1 hour opening. All rewards depend on Lucky Cat Cube’s Level.
The Higher Level, The better rewards. You can get Lucky Cat Cube from the following conditions :

Purchase 220 ~ 880 Diamonds : Get Lucky Cat Cube Lv.2 or Get Lucky Cat Cube Lv.3
Diamond Cube : Chance to get Lucky Cat Cube Lv.1
Completion Reward : Get Lucky Cat Cube Lv.2
Play Round Reward : Get Lucky Cat Cube Lv.1

Lucky Cat Cube Lv.1
Chance to get : Premium Card Pack(+1) or Premium pendant Gacha (+1)
If use Mystic Powder(+50), Get Lucky Cube Lv.2 100%!

Lucky Cat Cube Lv.2
Chance to get : A~S Character Card Pack(+1) or A~S pendant Gacha (+1)
If use Mystic Powder(+100), Get Lucky Cube Lv.3 100%!

Lucky Cat Cube Lv.3
Chance to get : A+~S+ Character Card Pack(+1) or A+~S pendant Gacha (+1)
If use Mystic Powder(+200), Get Lucky Cube Lv.4 100%!

Lucky Cat Cube Lv.4
Chance to get : S~S+ Character Card Pack(+1) or S pendant Gacha (+1) or Premium Card Pack(+30)
If use Mystic Powder(+400), Get Lucky Cube Lv.5 100%!

Lucky Cat Cube Lv.5
Chance to get : S Zeus or S Bride Christine or S Rock&Roll Apollon
If use Mystic Powder(+800), Increase chance to get S Rock&Roll Apollon!

Note : You can get lucky cat cube in upper level by using Mystic powder ONLY!

Period: 8 Sep 15:00 – 11 Sep 15:00
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