[Release] Let’s enjoy LUCKY CAT CUBE PARTY !!

Get at least 20 Diamonds and get up to S+ most wanted character card!

Lucky Cat Cube : Consist of Lv.1 ~ Lv.3. Spend 1 hour opening or use 10 Diamonds to open immediately. All rewards depend on Lucky Cat Cube’s Level. The Higher Level, The better rewards. You can get Lucky Cat Cube from the following conditions :

Purchase 88 ~ 880 Diamonds : Get Lucky Cat Cube Lv.2~3
Play Round Reward : Get Lucky Cat Cube Lv.1~2
Completion Reward : Get Lucky Cat Cube Lv.1~3
Draw Jackpot : Get Lucky Cat Cube Lv.1~3

Lucky Cat Cube Lv.1
Chance to get : 
- 20 Diamonds 
- 20,000 Gold
If use Mystic Powder(+80), Get Lucky Cube Lv.2 100%!

Lucky Cat Cube Lv.2
Chance to get : 
- 50 Diamonds 
- 50,000 Gold 
- A/A+ Diaochan’s Shadow
- A/A+ Alice’s Shadow
- A/A+ Bride Christine’s Shadow
- A/A+ Diva Moira’s Shadow
If use Mystic Powder(+200), Get Lucky Cube Lv.3 100%!
Special !!Combine these characters’ shadow in this event! Get S+ Most Wanted card 

Lucky Cat Cube Lv.3
Chance to get : 
- S+ Diaochan
- S+ Alice
- S+ Bride Christine
- S+ Diva Moira
If use Mystic Powder(+400), More chance to get S+ Alice!

Note :
-You can get lucky cat cube in upper level 100% by using Mystic powder
-Mystic Powder can find from drawing jackpot & open cube by diamonds

Period: 18 Sep 16:00 – 22 Sep 15:00
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