[Event] Celebrate S+ Pendant (6 Mar - 10 Mar)

Get 200 Diamonds and Premium Pendant Gacha again Discount 50%!!
-Got S Gamblers Glove S Class Get Transcendence FREE!! 
*Get reward immediately
(jika mendapat S Gamblers Glove S Pendant dari premiim Gatcha akan mendapatkan hadiah langsung berupa Transcendence Light S Pendant)
-Got S+class pendant  Get 200 Diamonds and S Class Transcendence Light FREE
*Reward will be sent out: 10 Mar 19:00
(jika mendapatkan S+ Class Pendant akan mendapat 200 Diamond dan Transcende Light S Pendant akan mendapatan hadiah pada tanggal 10 Mar jam 7 malam)
Period : 06 Mar 15:00 – 10 Mar 15:00 

Easily find S+ Pendant from Max lv. 7 S Class Pendant + Max Lv. 7 Transcendance Light  Combination!
Untuk mendapatkan S+ Pendant kamu harus meng-combine S Pendant lv 7 + S Pendant Trancendance Light lv 7

The Strongest Benefit of S+ Class Pendant!! (keuntungan dari S+ Pendant adalah)
 ** Get 1 More Additional Ability by random from combination** (mendapatkan 1 kemampuan di bawah ini)
+1 More Odd/ Even
29% Neutralizing opponent’s Protect Card
20% Extra Gold when win the game
13% increase Toll from owned properties

Get S+ Pendant Now! It will be a Super Secret Weapon for you!!
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