[Tips] 50+ IDs Line for Invitation Games

Seringkali untuk mendapatkan hadiah tertentu harus invite teman, klo punya teman, klo gak, ini dia solusinya. Saya akan membagikan beberapa ID line yang bisa di invite dan tentunya kamu akan bisa mendapatkan hadiah tertentu. Misal di Line Let's get Rich dengan meng invite 200 orang kamu bisa dapat 50 diamond, Preimum Card Pack (+10), dan Guaranted A+ Card Pack (+1), apalagi sekarang baru event.
Since there are so many demands to invite more people (users) to some certain games in LINE App. here are a few of LINE IDs that you guys can invite (and get the special rewards from your fave game on LINE App.) and you won’t get scolded by the users that you’re inviting.
Hope this post helps you all LINE GAMES Abuser, Cheers!
Nickname account: linegame
Download ID line for game ivintation (50 accounts)
Bonus : 
Nickname account: gosuto

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