[Event] Happy Teacher’s Day : Happy Special Character!! (13 Jan - 16 Jan)

To welcome our genius Teacher Ara and New Limited Album Card Pack, here are special events for you!!
+Collect A+Special Card get, S Special Card get up to 400 diamonds
Get A+ Special Card get 100 diamonds
Get S Special Card get 300 diamonds
*(Be able to check which characters are special cards in the Special Card Directory)
*(Reward will be sent out on 17th Jan 15.00)

+Buy diamonds get up to 10 album cards!!
Diamond 220 => Get Album Card Pack II +5 
Diamond 440 => Get Album Card Pack II +5
Diamond 880 => Get Album Best  Card Pack +10

+Play Round Bonus : Get Gold & Album Card Play everyday Get everyday
Round 1 - 5000 Gold
Round 3 - Album Card Pack II (+1)
Round 5 - Album Card Pack II (+5)

+ Album Card Pack II Now Available in Shop!! Only in a limited time!!

Tip: Collect Album Cards to complete the Album Collection! And you will get special cards and items as a reward!! Get any special card in this event you will get up to 400 diamonds!!!

Duration: 13rd Jan 15.00 - 16th Jan 15.00
Let’s Fun and Rich with Special Characters!!
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