[Tips] How to Win Game (Advanced)

I will explain about How to win Game LINE Let's Get Rich with advanced tips.

Don't rush using loan ticket
when you are out of money, think twice before using it. Loan ticket can only be used once. So if you only need just a few coins then don't use loan ticket, just sell your available house.

Buy festival city before your opponent
Because festival city has double toll

Build landmark as fast as you can
because landmark city can't be bought, sold, or trade by your opponent
Make Monopoly
buy city with the same color and make monopoly (monopoly has double toll)

Buy 3 items before the game starts (Double Allowance, odd/even dice, Double Dice) And Angel Card
Don't be so stingy, spend some gold on these items. These items can be really helpful. Especially angel card. You have to know when to use angel card. If the toll only cost 1~3M and you have the money, better don't use it, unless you don't have money to acquire it if you pay the toll
Make sure you have Marble World Cup, Festival, or Expo
there's a chance card that has effect: go to expo city. Imagine if your opponent has expo city and you don't have angel card. Boooom.. bankrupt!! Just make sure you have expo city
Get the expensive cities as many as you can
expensive cities with pink, purple, orange, red color (Bangkok, New York etc.)

Don't buy 3 buildings on cheap cities
when you buy cheap cities (green color), it's better if you just buy the hotel and condo only. Because it's cheap, people can easy buy it and if you have 3 buildings, they're gonna acquire your city and build a landmark

Don't be greedy on bonus game
better just win 2x, unless you have much money (over 10M) you can try to win 3x. If you dont have much money, the just win 1x. Better get small than nothing.
Save some money
remember to save at least 1M. So if you step on trail travel / world travel you still can pay the ticket to go, or when you step on opponent's city that only cost around 400k or 800k, you don't have to sell your city or use loan ticket

Better lose small than big
If you are sure that you can't win. No hope. Then step on your opponent's city by purpose. It's better you lose rather than lose from monopoly, line, or tourism.

Do not underestimate island / station (the one with blue and pink pastel color)
they're probably cheap, but before you do trade city or donation, make sure at least you have minimal 1 out of 5 of them
If your opponent has 2 or more out of 5, then you better don't do that. You can lose from tourism.

Hope these tips can be helpful, you can ask a questions if you don't understand by leaving comments.
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